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CPA MOMS is excited about this important collaboration with Payroll Vault!

As we connect with increasing numbers of professionals seeking more flexibility, and quality time with family and friends, we’re also discovering more about who you are as CPAs, Accountants and Bookkeepers: what’s critical to growing a profitable accounting practice, expanding your service offerings, including payroll services…and what’s key to fueling your quality of life.

If you want to learn more about this amazing community of professionals, please join us at our upcoming webinar on Monday, May 22, at 12:30 pm PST to hear from our team of industry experts and advisers, along with Mayumi Young, CPA and Founder of CPA MOMS, and Payroll Vault's Founder and CEO, Sean Manning, CPA. They'll share stories of how they grew their businesses, the challenges they faced, what went really well, what didn’t, how they built dynamic teams, and much more. You'll walk away with great insights and tools for accelerating your business growth. Please reserve your Spot Now.

"I had never owned a business before, but with Mayumi as my partner and mentor, I developed the tools to create the thriving business I had always desired, all while being able to enjoy a flexible lifestyle as a work-at-home mother. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it were not for the work I’ve done with Mayumi and CPA MOMS. The community of CPA MOMS is amazing and full of the most caring professionals you’ll ever encounter. Mayumi is committed to each person’s success on a level you rarely see. If you want to build a team and scale your business, I can’t think of a better community."

- Frances Cortez, MBA & Mompreneur


After seven years of research and development of the CPA MOMS® Platform, we developed a rich eco-system, custom-technology, and caring community of professionals who provide valuable services to entrepreneurs. We also “cracked the code” of delivering affordable professional services at a national scale while maintaining high-quality standards. Now, we're bringing everything that worked to mompreneurs like you who are ready to expand their business.


Mrs. Mayumi Young, CPA
Mrs. Mayumi Young, CPA

Hello Payroll Vault Community!

I am truly excited for this collaboration between CPA MOMS and Payroll Vault. We will all be able expand our service offerings to better serve the entrepreneur and the accounting professionals.

I created CPA MOMS so that professionals like you could raise your children, work flexibly from home for a fair rate, and serve entrepreneurs. Unexpectedly, we developed the most caring community of professionals and moms I have ever been a part of.

After seven years of research & development, we are finally ready to open our toolbox and share our resources for life as a mom, and as an entrepreneur to help you create your accounting business to be highly leveraged and growing – all while you raise your family.

If you want to learn more about this amazing community of professionals, I recommend that you join us at our upcoming webinar to hear from our team of industry experts & advisers, along with myself and Payroll Vault's Founder, Sean Manning, CPA.

Click here to register for the free "What I've Learned" webinar on May 22nd 12:30-2pm PST.

It has been my profound privilege to serve this community of mompreneurs and I look forward to connecting with each and every one of you!


Mayumi Young, CPA
Founder & CEO of CPA MOMS, LLP.